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International Women's Day League Building Activities
In spring, the season of recovery of all things, and on this special festival Women's Day.  held outdoor group building.

At about 10 o'clock, on a sunny day, all the friends gathered in the farmhouse music. Our party played vigorous outdoor games, stepped on balloons, and blindfolded people, which made us full of joy. The warm cheers kept ringing. In the sunshine, we experienced unlimited joy together, and filled us with energy and energy.

Today's lunch, we enjoyed delicious BBQ together! The table is filled with roast meat, roast chicken wings, kebabs and various vegetables, all of which are fragrant and make people eat more! Eat your stomach full of happiness!

In the afternoon, we came to Chaoshan Scenic Spot to enjoy the beauty of Tangmei and Songmei. Walking in the garden, plum blossoms are blooming and beautiful. Looking closer, I can't help being impressed by their beauty, as if I were in a fairyland. The plum blossoms in the mountains make people linger and want to stop and enjoy their beauty.

In general, the team building this time is still very good. The quality of the activity can reflect the cohesion of the team. If so, then our team building is a good example. The whole team is more united and upward, the friendship is deepened, and the working atmosphere is stronger.

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